Tao Hou


Ph.D. Student
Computer Science and Engineering
The Ohio State University
e-mail: taohou01 at gmail.com

I am a 4th year PhD student in the CSE department of OSU, advised by Tamal K. Dey. My research interest is generally computational topology, with the main focus on the algorithmic aspect of TDA and some other focus on the Mathematical part. As a ‘fresh’man in research, I am also interested in fields like computer theory (algorithm, computability, etc.), Mathematics (especially its application in CS), and computational geometry.

I received a B.E. degree in Software Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, China, and a M.E. degree in Software Engineering from Tsinghua University, China. My master's thesis is concerning on-the-fly simplification and adaptive extraction of iso-surfaces from volume datasets.

After I finished my master's degree, I went to work for 2 companies, Baidu and VMware, as a software engineer.

Teaching Assistant

CSE 6332: Advanced Algorithms, Grader (Helped on some lecturing), Spring 2019
CSE 3341: Principles of Programming Languages, Grader, Autumn 2018
CSE 2111: Spreadsheets & DBs, Lab Instructor, Spring/Autumn 2017
CSE 2321: Discrete Structures, Grader, Autumn 2016
CSE 2331: Data Structures & Algorithms, Grader, Autumn 2016


Computing Minimal Persistent Cycles: Polynomial and Hard Cases
Tamal K. Dey*, Tao Hou*, and Sayan Mandal*
ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms 2020
[github] [talk@SODA]
Persistent 1-Cycles: Definition, Computation, and Its Application
Tamal K. Dey*, Tao Hou*, and Sayan Mandal*
Computational Topology in Image Context, International Workshop, 2019
[webpage] [talk@Ohio TDA Day]
On-the-fly simplification of large iso-surfaces with per-cube vertex modifiability detection
Tao Hou and Li Chen
Journal of Visualization 19.4 (2016): 715-726
(Names ending with * means that authors are ordered alphabetically.)